Chairman – Barry Brenard


Barry Brenard


(707) 733-1900 

(707) 601-9794




Dear, Tribal members

I want to thank the Creator first cause without him/her in my life this would not be possible….

It gives me great humility and gratitude that I have been chosen to be your Chairman of the Tribal Council, also at this time I want thank everyone who ran for office this year, there were a lot of good choices and a very good turn out from the General Council.

55% of tribal members either came in person or mailed in their votes this year that is a very good turnout. I especially want to thank the tribal membership for being in on the election committee, who showed us that being involved in the process can be fulfilling and transparent event.

I look forward to this term in office with optimism that we as a tribal can begin to grow beyond the bounds that keep others tied up in everlasting hardship and strife. Our tribal members are getting to know the term self-reliant and learning a new lifestyle that has no drugs or alcohol in it so they can become productive members of Bear River.


Your Chairman, Barry Brenard