Childcare / Education

The Bear River Childcare Programs intent is to help subsidize Native American people with their childcare cost. The CCDF Program is based on eligibility, to see if you qualify click on the links below.

The Bear River Education Program is to help any enrolled member of the Tribe who has applied and been accepted to a college, university or vocational school is eligible to apply for Higher Education Grant.

The Education/Childcare Department offers the following assistance:

  • Vocational Training
  • Higher Education
  • CCDF
  • After school Program Assistance

Applications & Forms

K-12 Education Assistance Application

CCDF Program Policy & Application

CCDF Provider Policy & Application

Higher Education Policy & Application

TCCAP Application

Learning Center Open Enrollment

Learning Center Enrollment Packet

Perfect Attendance Program

Tutoring Program

Youth Program Membership Application

Bear Cub Intake Form


Aileen Meyer, Childcare/ Higher Education Coordinator

Trista Clark, Childcare/Higher Education Clerical Assistant

Janis Sanderson, Youth Coordinator

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