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AnnouncementsCome celebrate Bear River Rancheria Earth Day 2019 on April 24th from 12-3 pm at Tish Non Community Center!

Free Indoor Air Quality Assessments coming soon! Find out if your home has radon (the second leading cause of lung cancer), mold, moisture damage, ventilation issues, and more. Contact the ENR Assistant at 707-733-1900 x119 for more information or to be first in line to have your home assessed!

Events: Bear River Rancheria Earth Day 2019 will be held on April 24th from 12-3 pm at the Tish Non Community Center! 

Water Quality & Wetlands

Learn about what ENR is doing to protect Water Quality and Wetlands on the Rancheria.

Climate Change

Check out our Sustainability Guide and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Action Plan.


Info on trash/recycling days, e-waste, and more.

Indoor Air Quality

Learn about how to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) or sign up for a free assessment.


See our native plants projects, community garden, and gardening resources.


Check out the beautiful wildlife spotted on the Rancheria.

Emergencies & Natural Disasters

Check out the tribal members’ Emergency Response Plan for Tish Non Village, Bear River Drive, and Basayo Village. Explore other emergency resources.

Spay/neuter vouchers:

The Environmental & Natural Resources Department distributes free vouchers for spay/neuter of cats or dogs. Click the policy below for info, or stop by or contact us for more information.

Environmental Department Strategic Plan and ETEP:

The Environmental & Natural Resources Department is funded through EPA grants including the General Assistance Program (GAP), Clean Water Act (CWA) 106, and CWA 319.

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Edwin Smith, Environmental and Natural Resources Director

Sarah Stawasz , Environmental and Natural Resources Assistant

Emily Moloney, Water Quality and GIS Specialist 

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