The mission of Bear River Band Library is to provide a cultural and resourceful environment for tribal members of all ages. It seeks to be a community center for learning with a common goal of enriching the mind, body, and soul by developing and maintaining a collection of materials relating to local tribal cultures and histories as well as containing materials to enhance both health awareness and educational opportunities. It aims to be the entry point for information needs through an interactive webpage.

The old library building was only 216 square feet which crammed together two desks, a small circular table, four chairs, one 13’ section of shelves, a Rubbermaid cabinet for DVDs, a built–in table across the back wall that held two laptop computers and a printer for patron use, and stacked cartons of stored. From this space the library moved to the new 925-square-foot room. With this larger building the library has expanded its collection of books from 1,250 to 2,114. The number of DVDs in the collection has also grown to 420. With the new furnishings that are in place, the library can now house up to 4,000 books, many more DVDs, and 13 magazine subscriptions. With the larger space we are now able to accommodate for tutoring services in the library on weekdays from 3:30 pm to 5 pm for children between the of ages 5 and 17. Along with the new additions to the collections, the library replaced two outdated laptop computers for four brand new touch screen computers.

With the increased space, larger collection, and new technology, Bear River Band Library has been able to live up to its mission statement of providing a cultural and resourceful environment for all tribal members from childhood to adulthood. The library now offers a great amount of cultural resource material and new computers that grant patrons access to the internet which enables them to research various topics for school or take online classes. By purchasing books and other material, patrons can easily find ways to eat healthy and be active, which promotes healthy living for themselves and their families. Since Bear River Band Library serves a rural tribal community, it is often the only source of cultural materials and internet access that is available, thus making it a vital part of the tribe as a whole. Application and Policy.

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California’s Library Services for People with Print Disabilities, in association with the Library of Congress, provides free Braille and audio books, magazines and playback equipment to all eligible Californians unable to read standard print. Follow the link to find your local braille and talking book library and sign up for free library service.

Tribal Policies now available in the Library, see Jessica Cantrell for more information

Hours of Operation

Monday Through Friday 11:30 am to 5:30 pm.