Water Quality & Wetlands

The ENR Water Quality Specialist monitors surface water to determine changes in water quality over time. Changes might be influence by wetland restoration, tribal land development, urban and stormwater runoff, and upstream neighboring lands. We monitor water quality to protect water quality in our watershed and to find out if our efforts to reduce human caused pollution are working, or if we need to implement new efforts to reduce the impacts of pollutants to the wetlands.

Water Program Plans and Reports:

Wetlands: The wetlands on the Rancheria were created out of a small ditch in an old cow pasture. Since 2012 the wetlands have grown into a healthy habitat flourishing with life.

Riparian Buffer Expansion:

Starting in December of 2018 ENR began phase one of the Riparian buffer expansion project where we are expanding the native tree and shrub land next to the wetlands. This project aims to reduce pollution impacts to water quality and create more habitat for plants and wildlife, while beautifying the Rancheria as a whole.