Dana Norton

Chief of police

707-733-1900 ext. 1417
P.D. Main Office 707-733-1810

Message from the Chief

It is the goal of the Bear River Band Public Safety Department to always remain committed to providing the most economical, efficient, effective and cultural sensitive Policing Strategies that allows us to practice our inherent sovereignty while maintaining the health and safety of the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria .

Our Service will deliver a high level of community involvement and satisfaction. This will be a result of the respect earned collectively by our members for superior service to our citizens and patrons.

The Public Safety Department will recognize that our strengths and success will be derived from our commitment to cultural sensitivity and respect given to our community. It is due to the nature and quality of our strategic partnerships that we are able to live in relative safety and enjoy the high quality of life that we have come to expect.

Our focus is on maintaining the quality of people and services provided at the curbside, on the doorstep, or during moments of crisis. We are working toward enhanced relationships to better serve our citizens and patrons over the phone, online, or through social media.

Community Oriented Policing must possess the competencies, processes, and strategies required to optimize the reciprocal relationship between the contributions and expectations of our community partners and our tribal membership.

We remain focused on high quality service.

Our Vision

To be the best Public Safety Department, providing the highest standard of professionalism in partnership with our community. We will continue to strengthen community relationships and public trust while striving for excellence through employee development, self-discipline, and strong leadership.

Core Values

Members of the Public Safety display:
Integrity and loyalty
Empathy and fairness
Impartiality and transparency
Respect and civility
Courage and leadership

Our Motto

Professional, Friendly, Helpful

Our Mission

“Our mission is to promote the safety of citizens and the protection of property, through an appropriate balance of law enforcement
and problem solving and crime-prevention initiatives . This is based on a philosophy of community policing that involves working in partnership with citizens and other community stakeholders.”